Saturday, February 6, 2010

Top Ten Electric Miles Davis Recordings

I decided to list my top ten favorite Miles Davis recordings of the electric period. Miles is not just one of the biggest musicians of all time, but one of the biggest artists of all time- regardless of discipline. His entire career output is of the highest quality, extremely forward thinking, and extremely varied. I am a big fan of all of his periods, but the area I think he his going to be remembered the most is for his revolutionary electric period. In this period he not only created cutting edge music, but he actually invented a new genre or two and with 'On The Corner', he and Teo Macero pioneered and revolutionized modern record making techniques. Don't listen to those who say he sold out, they just simply have not listened. Miles' electric period, especially in the early stages before his first retirement is some of the most challenging listening you will encounter. The music is groove-oriented dissonance which keeps me going back again and again. Plus, you have the extremely amazing bass playing of Michael Henderson, one of my favorites bassists period.

So here it is:

  1. On the Corner
  2. Bitches Brew
  3. In Concert: Live at Philharmonic Hall
  4. In a Silent Way
  5. Agharta
  6. A Tribute to Jack Johnson
  7. Live-Evil
  8. Pangaea
  9. Dark Magus: Live At Carnegie Hall
  10. Get Up with It

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